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Illinois High School Graduates and Out-of-State Colleges

The map below shows where Illinois high school graduates enroll at public (blue) and private (red) four-year universities. The first story is that a lot of Illinois high school graduates leave Illinois for college. The most, in fact, of any other … Continue reading

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End Planning and Start Storytelling with Learning Outcomes

Confusion of goals and perfection of means seems, in my opinion, to characterize our age (Einstein). Imagine the ideal student 10 years after your class. What do you want them to know? What are your hopes for them? What do … Continue reading

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Best Practice and Kind-of-Best-Practice Guidelines for Writing Learning Outcomes

References at the end of this blog. Learning outcomes should focus on what students learn, not what we teach. Students will be introduced to the topics of abnormal mental behaviors in their patients. The problem with this outcome is that it … Continue reading

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Do We Really Need Student Learning Outcomes?

I made it to the end of my junior year of college without picking a major. It never really occurred to me to pick one. But I did know what I liked to do – drawing, writing, reading, baseball statistics, … Continue reading

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Assessment Planning and Decision-making: The Problems with Assessment Frameworks

Nearly everyone has an assessment framework that symbolizes how assessment does or should work. I haven’t viewed all of them. But I’ve seen a lot. And most of them look the same. In the book Reason & Rigor: How Conceptual … Continue reading

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Junk Assessment and Junk Miles: Quit Worrying About Assessment

Junk Miles On a recent long bike ride in the countryside of Illinois, I was concentrating on my training regimen and my mind wandered to assessment. Not something most normal people do, but it’s my job. Thinking about challenges associated … Continue reading

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Assessment and Evaluation Distinctions

Writing Assessment Case Study Imagine a hypothetical random large university that is interested in improving the writing skills of its undergraduate students. So, a task force of writing experts is assembled with the goal of examining student writing samples and … Continue reading

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